Easily Make YouTube Videos with ONLY your Phone

Udemy – Easily Make YouTube Videos with ONLY your Phone

Easily Make YouTube Videos with ONLY your Phone

The film, Edit, and Upload the videos that you NEED, with only your Apple or Android Smart Phone with InShot Video Editor. You Can Learn Skillshare – Camera Basics For Video Creators

What you’ll learn

  • Easily film and edit high-quality videos for YouTube or an online course, all from your Phone
  • Record good-looking video and audio without fancy equipment
  • Edit your videos with a free but powerful app any time, even while waiting in line at the supermarket!
  • Believe that YOU are good enough to make videos. You can do this!
  • Access to Weekly Q&A Live Streams where you can get your questions answered LIVE


  • For this course you will require a Smartphone, any brand will work.


You’ll Learn How To: Easily film and edit high-quality videos for YouTube or an online course, all from your iPhone.

EVERYTHING you need to make High-Quality videos for YouTube or your Online Course, using ONLY an iPhone. No Need to buy Anything; Film, Edit and Upload from the camera that you already carry in your pocket.

 Do I NEED an iPhone to take this course?
Answer: No, almost everything that I say will still apply android and other devices, however there are subtle differences in how the editing app (InShot) looks across the different platforms

This Course Includes…

  • 6 Video Modules that succinctly explain all that you need to know for iPhone Video creation
  • Office Hours (coming soon) where I will live-stream once a week to answer any questions that you might have about video editing
  • Free, private 30-minute zoom call where you can ask me any questions and I can help you to get started in filming and editing on your iPhone (Limited availability)

Module 1: Getting Started RIGHT NOW!!!
You’ll learn everything that you need for beginning, as well as why it is so important that you do.

Module 2: Tips for Filming
This module goes into more detail for capturing high-quality video on your phone.

Module 3: Download your video editor and a quick tour
I’ll show you how to download InShot Video Editor on your iPhone, and show you the main features.

Module 4: The 3 most important buttons for editing
InShot has many features, but you only need these three for making quality videos

Module 5: A few advanced features
If you want to include some complex editing effects in your videos, these five features are a great place to start.

Module 6: That’s All you need, Now Get Started!
How to stay in contact with me, and that’s it! Go Make Videos!

Who’s Behind it?
I’m Jason Dunbar-Hall. I’ve filmed, edited and uploaded over 200 YouTube videos from my iPhone in the last two years. I can show you all of the tips and techniques that I’ve learnt during that time, and save you the two years it took for me to work it all out.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for beginners in video making. Whether you want to create videos for youtube, an online course, or show the highlights of a family holiday; this course is for you.
  • This course is NOT intended for experienced video creators who want to learn advanced techniques.

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