Upwork - A Complete Guideline

Upwork – A Complete Guideline

Upwork – A Complete Guideline

Upwork is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers but many of us don’t know how to work there professionally. This course is created for those people who are skillful with different category skills. I made this tutorial about A to Z of Upwork. I showed there how to create an account and what to do to get approval of that account. Many techniques I’ve shown there to get success from Upwork. This is a complete guideline for those who want themself as successful freelancers.

FeaturesWhat you will get from this course?
• Upwork Intro
• Account Creation
• Specialized Profile & Portfolio
• Certificate & Testimonial
• Profile Settings Setup
• Payment Method Add
• Pre-Packaged Projects, Badges & Readiness Test
• Upwork Connects
• Profile Availability & Private Issue
• Get the job
• Contract or Project Start
• Create Project Catalog for Auto Order (New)
• Bonus

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