Freelancer'S Guide To Self Employment Taxes, Budget, Savings

Udemy – Freelancer’S Guide To Self Employment Taxes, Budget, Savings


Freelancer’s Guide to Self Employment Taxes, Budget, Savings

1099’s Guide to Managing Money, Paying Taxes, and Planning for Retirement


What you’ll learn

  • Self Employed: How, What, When, Where to Pay Quarterly Taxes!
  • Savings Strategies on Any Income!
  • Retirement Planning on Any Income!
  • Budgeting 101!
  • How to Track Expenses and Income Effectively!
  • How to Avoid Common Financial Mistakes!


  • None!


This course is all about taking away that fear and teaching financial literacymoney-saving techniques, and how to tackle taxes with confidence.

Together, we’ll untangle the web of finances as an independent contractor by covering topics like:

  • tracking income and expenses,
  • the best tools to help you handle your finances,
  • invoicing and how to avoid non-payments from clients,
  • tips for reducing overhead and expenses,
  • tips for savings for retirement on any income,
  • common financial mistakes and how to avoid them,
  • comparing the different tax entities that you can file your business under.


This course is perfect for any NEW US (American) freelancer who has either never paid self-employment taxes before, wants to learn better systems to save money, needs a nudge to set up a retirement account, or wants a refresher on financial literacy.

If you are a financial wizard, are a CPA, or can do your taxes in your sleep, this course is not for you. However, if you’re ready to start from square 1 and learn the basics of budgeting, planning, saving, and paying taxes, then this course is for you.


At the end of this course, you’ll not only have access to all the videos, downloadable resources, and external links for life – you’ll also receive a 13-page eBook so you can quickly refer back to the content in this course.

Financial literacy and confidence doing your taxes starts NOW! Are you ready??


The instructor is not a certified accountant or CPA. The materials available in this course are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your accountant or attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

Who this course is for:

  • Freelancers wanting financial literacy.
  • Freelancers who want to become more confident when handling their business finances.
  • Freelancers who need help saving for retirement.

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