Complete Guide for Video Editing through Filmora

Udemy – Complete Guide for Video Editing through Filmora

Complete Guide for Video Editing through Filmora

Learn Filmora video editor from scratch and create videos like a pro editor with this step-by-step course. You can learn Udemy – Video Editing For Beginners With Premiere Pro


What you’ll learn

  • Use of filmora and it’s elements.
  • All features in filmora video editor.
  • Functions of all menu bars and all elements in elements panel.
  • Video Effects, Transitions and Templates.
  • How to record media through screencapture option and webcam.
  • How to manage editor’s timeline.
  • Everything about editing basics like – splitting, trimming, merging, speed, duration, audio mixing etc.
  • How to use advance editing tools like green screen, split screen.
  • How to adjust and enhance color & lighting.
  • How to edit audio, audio effects, noise reduction and key framing.
  • Adding subtitles and text.
  • Exporting and uploading a video.
  • You will be able to edit any kind of video in a pro level.


  • No prior video editing experience is needed.
  • Any version of filmora video editing software is needed.
  • You can also use free trial version of filmora.


This video course is designed and explained in such a way that a beginner to advance level of video editing can be done easily. This course is not going to take your much time because it is also designed & created in such a way that all features, guidance and how to tutorials are short and crisp to learn and also less time consuming. This video course will walk you through some of the advance video editing features through a step by step process. So whether you are creating video for any platform like Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts & Tutorial videos, this course will help you to achieve the best possible result. In this course we shall cover each and every single options available in filmora.

In this video course you will be able to learn followings:-

  1. All features & Elements in Filmora.
  2. All Menu Bars & Their Functions.
  3. Video Effects, Transitions & Templates.
  4. Recording Media through Screen capture & Webcam.
  5. Managing Editor’s Timeline.
  6. Editing Basics – Split, Trim, Merge,  Speed, Duration & Audio Mixing etc.
  7. Advanced Editing Tools.
  8. Adjusting and Enhancing Colors & Lightings.
  9. Audio Effects, Noise Reduction.
  10. Adding Subtitles & Text.
  11. Auto Highlights, Auto Reframe, Auto Audio Normalization and Quick Split Mode.
  12. Export and Upload Videos on different Platforms.

Who this course is for:

  • For beginners to intermediate & advance learners.

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