Udemy - Sound Design For Film, Tv and Games - Intro To Foley

Udemy – Sound Design For Film, Tv and Games – Intro To Foley


Udemy – Sound Design For Film, Tv and Games – Intro To Foley


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What you’ll learn

  • Learn about what Foley is and gain knowledge of the difference between Foley and Sound Effects.
  • Gain a good understanding of synchronizing Foley sounds with what’s happening in Film, TV & Games
  • Classify and apply at least three distinct Foley sounds in practical exercises, showcasing understanding.
  • Demonstrate the application of various Foley sounds in simulated scenarios.
  • Practice fundamental techniques for replicating everyday sounds to enhance audio realism.
  • Get better at doing Foley by making your sounds more realistic in Foley performance.
  • Learn about Foley careers you could pursue, and the skills you need for each.


  • This course is suitable for individuals with varying levels of expertise in the Foley Sound. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this course is structured to cater to your interest and need.
  • Creative Mindset: Sound design, including Foley, is a creative process. A willingness to experiment, think creatively, and explore different sounds is essential.
  • Possess Basic Computer Skills: Comfort with using computers and audio software is helpful, as these courses often involve digital tools for sound editing and manipulation.
  • Interest in Film or Media Production: While not mandatory, an interest in film, television, or media production can enhance your engagement with the course content.
  • Access to Basic Recording Equipment: Having access to a computer with audio recording capabilities, even if it’s just a smartphone, can be beneficial for practical exercises.
  • Familiarity with Audio Concepts: A basic awareness of terms like pitch, volume, and frequency can aid in grasping foundational sound design principles.


This course explores the essential and creative role of sound in visual storytelling, particularly in the realms of film, television, and games. The focus is on Foley sound, a specialized technique in sound design that involves creating and recording custom sound effects in post-production.

We will delve into something called Foley sound, a special way of creating and recording unique sound effects after the filming is complete. Foley sound plays a crucial role in refining the audio. Foley artists use everyday items to create and record sounds that match what’s happening on the screen, enhancing the story’s realism.

Learners will gain knowledge about Foley techniques through practical sessions and learn how to synchronize them with the events in a movie. Foley sound not only enhances the realism of scenes but also enables storytellers to craft creative narratives with unique sound details.

Intructor: Shane Rees, Head of Department in Sound Design for Visual Media

Shane served as head engineer at Western Post Production. Shane has been recognized with a Leo Award for his film work, and three nominations for his work in television. He has worked on many of the TV shows produced in Vancouver, including Smallville, The Dead Zone, and Jake 2.0.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Curious about Foley Sound: Whether you’re curious about the magic behind movie sound or want to add a new skill to your creative toolkit, this course welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests.
  • Beginners in Sound Design: Individuals with little or no prior experience in sound design who want to learn the basics and explore the world of Foley.
  • Aspiring Filmmakers and Media Enthusiasts: Those interested in filmmaking, video production, or media creation who want to enhance their projects with realistic and impactful sound.
  • Students and Creative Professionals: Students pursuing studies in film, media, or related fields, as well as professionals looking to expand their skill set in the realm of audio post-production.


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