Video Editing Techniques: Edit different video formats

Skillshare – Video Editing Techniques: Edit different video formats

Video Editing Techniques: Edit different video formats

About This Class

Learn the video editing techniques for 5 different video formats!

Take a look at the process of editing each of those 5 types of different videos and learn the process of video editing by experiencing with the media attached within the project section. Besides learning the process of video editing, you’ll learn what are the different storytelling formulas, and you’ll learn how to apply those storytelling formulas into your editing style. You Can Learn Skillshare – Camera Basics For Video Creators

You will learn to:

  • use the different storytelling formulas within your editing style
  • edit a static vlog
  • edit a non static vlog
  • edit a commercial
  • edit a documentary
  • edit an informational video
  • use different types of transitions in different video formats
  • make catchy videos that keep the viewers interested for the whole duration of your video

Why take this class?

  1. You learn practical things you can start applying right away
  2. You learn more than just “how to edit”, you learn important concepts of storytelling
  3. You can use these concepts in any editing software!
  4. This class takes only a bit over an hour

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