Chip Level Laptop Repairs: Understanding 3.3 & 5Volt Circuit

Chip Level Laptop Repairs: Understanding 3.3 & 5Volt Circuit

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Chip Level Laptop Repairs: Understanding 3.3 & 5Volt Circuit

How to diagnose and repair faulty laptop motherboard ICs using tools like multimeter, schematics, and soldering stations


What you’ll learn

  • After this course, you will have gained the skills to confidently identify, diagnose, and repair faulty chips or ICs on laptop motherboards
  • Upon completing the course, you will be able to troubleshoot and repair laptop motherboards that do not turn on due to faulty 3.3 and 5 volts chips.
  • You will be able to successfully unsolder and solder ICs on the motherboard using a soldering station, solder gun, and other appropriate tools.
  • The knowledge covered in this course can help you repair different motherboard problems in various laptop brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and MacBook
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to use a multimeter and schematics to accurately measure and determine faulty chips and where to obtain spare chips
  • You will be able to apply this knowledge and skills to repair various chip-level laptop motherboard issues
  • You will be able to repair laptops that turn on and off without display


  • The 3.3 and 5 Volts chip-level laptop motherboard repair course is designed for both beginners and professionals seeking to enhance their chip-level repair skills. While prior knowledge of schematics diagrams is not required, it can make the course easier to understand. By the end of the course, you will have gained the skills necessary to diagnose and repair faulty chips on laptop motherboards, regardless of your prior experience.


Do you want to learn how to diagnose and fix faulty chips on laptop motherboards? Look no further than this Chip Level Laptop Repair Course! Hello and welcome My name is Chaz, and I’ll be your instructor for this course.

In this course,

  • you’ll learn everything you need to know about power supply chips or ICs and how they make voltage, specifically focusing on the 3.3 and 5 volts circuit.
  • You’ll learn how to identify these chips on the motherboard, understand their functions, and diagnose faulty chips using tools like multimetersschematics, and others.
  • You’ll also learn where to get spare replacement chips and how to replace them using tools like soldering stations, soldering guns, and many others.
  • But that’s not all! We’ll also explore how 3.3 and 5 volts circuit is designed in different laptop brands like HPDellLenovo, and MacBook.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of how motherboard chips work and the ability to fix laptops that don’t turn and those that turn on and off with no display.

  • You’ll also have the confidence to diagnose and replace ICs on the motherboard.
  • You will also understand the function of different chips, and determine compatible chips from different Donor boards regardless of their brand.

Don’t be intimidated by the complexities of motherboard repair – in this course, I’ll break down all the concepts from basics building upwards through well-crafted videos that cover more than 20 topics.

But what sets this course apart is the last video that shows you how to practically diagnose and repair a faulty power supply chip on an HP laptop that turns on and off without display. This video will help you apply the concepts you’ve learned throughout the course and give you the confidence to fix laptops with missing voltages and faulty chips in real life.

Whether you’re a professional technician or just someone who wants to learn how to repair your own laptop, this course is for you.

By the end of it, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and repair laptop motherboards’ faulty chips, So what are you waiting for? I encourage you to Join the Chip Level Laptop Repair Course today and explore how motherboards work in depth. You Can Learn Artificial Neural Networks for Business Managers in R Studio

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Laptop technicians who want to understand how to diagnose and repair chip-level issues in laptop motherboards
  • Phone repair Technicians who want to learn laptop repairs and include it as part of their services
  • IT Technicians who want to learn how to repair laptops
  • Hobbyists and Tech enthusiastic individuals who want to learn more about how laptop motherboards work on chip level
  • Computer scientists and students who would like to widen their knowledge of how computers work
  • Lastly, this course is for all individuals who want to advance their knowledge of how chips and components work on the motherboard

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