Copyrights Course - Register Copyrights Without An Attorney

Udemy – Copyrights Course – Register Copyrights Without An Attorney

Copyrights Course – Register Copyrights Without an Attorney

Master Copyright Registration. Apply for copyrights at the U.S. Copyright Office.


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of copyrights, including what qualifies as a copyright, who needs a copyright, and the benefits of copyright registration
  • Learn how to submit a copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office (Step-by-Step Guidance)
  • Learn about copyright infringement litigation and defenses to copyright infringement
  • Learn how to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to enforce your intellectual property
  • Learn about alternatives to copyright litigation, including the Copyright Claims Board
  • Receive a copyright infringement cease and desist template


  • Anyone – artists, attorneys, business owners – with an interest in copyrights and protecting their works


Artists and entrepreneurs spend considerable time and money into creating their works. Unfortunately, many do not put time into protecting those works legally.

This up-to-date (2023) Copyrights Course teaches the fundamentals of copyrights, how to register for a copyright at the U.S. Copyright Office, and how to enforce your copyright.

Taught by an Intellectual Property attorney, former attorney at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and Georgetown Law graduate, this course provides step by step instruction on registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office – without an attorney.


· Copyrights 101 – 11 videos on the fundamentals of copyrights

· Copyrights 102 – 4 videos providing step by step guidance on submitting your copyright application to the U.S. Copyright Office.

· Copyrights 103  3 videos on how to enforce your copyright against infringers.

· Copyright Infringement Cease and Desist Template


Copyrights 101 – Copyright Fundamentals

· Welcome to Copyrights Course

· What is a copyright?

· Who needs a copyright?

· What are the differences between a copyright, trademark and patent?

· Why register a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office?

· When can I use the copyright symbol?

· Scope of Protection – What is NOT protected?

· Myths about Copyrights

· Independent Contractors/Freelancers versus Employees – Who owns the copyright?

· What is copyright infringement?

· Defenses to copyright infringement

Copyrights 102 – Applying for Copyright Registration (Step by Step Guidance)

· Copyrights 102-1: Starting the Application

· Copyrights 102-2: Selecting the Type of Application for Multiple Works

· Copyrights 102-3: Registering a Single Work

· Copyrights 102-4: Registering Multiple Works in One Application

Copyrights 103 – Enforcing Copyrights

· Enforcing Copyrights – DMCA Takedown Notices

· Enforcing Copyrights – Litigation

· Copyright Infringement – Statute of Limitations

In addition, you can review and customize a copyright infringement cease and desist template.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to protect your creative works – without having to pay expensive attorney fees.

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. You Can Learn  Udemy – On Page SEO & Keyword Research With Artificial Intelligence

Who this course is for:

  • Artists
  • Creatives
  • Attorneys
  • Small Business Owners
  • Students interested in Intellectual Property

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