Travel Game For Kids Geography Math

Udemy – Travel Game For Kids Geography Math

Travel Game for Kids Geography Math

Finding Dregco.

What you’ll learn

  • Children will learn world geography while playing detective
  • Children will learn and utilize math formulas related to travel
  • Children will improve cognitive skills; Memory and sequence of events
  • Children will learn how to read a map showing countries, oceans and airports
  • Children will experienced an increase in awareness as they travel the virtual world.
  • Children’s ability to stay focused will improve


  • Children should be able to perform simple math problems
  • The story is vocalized however, the math problems are written. Children will need to read at 3rd grade level without parent assistance.


It will take math and geography skills to find Dregco. He must be found before he destroys the world with Professor Spencer’s math formula.  The math questions in the course are easy enough.  Answers are provided to ensure the child stays on track.  Learning about different countries and their relationship to each other provides the child with an exciting lesson in geography.

Children travel with Detective Jarbo from New York City to San Francisco, California, where Dregco boards a cruise ship headed for Hawaii.  Once in Hawaii, the little green monster flies to Asia, but not before disappearing off the cruise ship onto a submarine.  Children will enjoy virtual travel using video, images, different modes of transportation, and quizzes. 

The characters are in cartoon format, however, all travel videos are in a real-life format which creates a colorful, interesting, and informative lecture.  Children will need to employ math and geography skills to help Detective Jarbo find Dregco. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Udemy’s transcribing service sometimes misspells the name of a few of the characters.   Turn off the transcriber to eliminate confusion especially for children who are just learning to read.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, a US government agency gets involved because Dregco crosses state lines and then travels to different countries around the world.  Each student will serve as an analysis for Detective Jarbo who will need help with math equations.  Don’t worry, it’s easy, it’s fun and it will certainly create an appreciation for travel. You Can Learn Udemy – Game Music Production

Who this course is for:

  • Children from 2nd grade and up.
  • Families who want to play a travel game with children

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