Sales Training: Telephone Sales and Appointment Setting

Udemy – Sales Training: Telephone Sales and Appointment Setting

Sales Training: Telephone Sales & Appointment Setting

Essential telesales, telemarketing and cold-calling skills to help you sell more, and set more appointments! You Can Learn React – The Complete Guide 2023 (incl. React Router & Redux)


What you’ll learn

  • How to cold-call with confidence
  • How to set appointments, and how to close sales
  • How to use the telephone as part of a successful sales process
  • How to confidently overcome sales objections
  • How to overcome the gatekeeper
  • How to write an effective sales script
  • How to leave a professional voicemail
  • How to build genuine rapport, trust and meaningful business relationships
  • How to make cold calls


  • This course is ideal for beginners, intermediates, and experts in sales
  • Please have a pen and paper ready for LOTS of not taking


The telephone is still a vital tool in any salesperson’s toolkit, and this course is designed to give you all the skills, knowledge, mindset and tips to help you sell more over the telephone.

Whether you are looking to cold call, generate more leads, set more appointments, or even close sales over the phone – this course has been put together by an expert in telesales to enable you to become the best salesperson you can be.

Better still, although focussing on salespeople, this course is ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and ANYONE looking to use the phone as a way to grow a business.

Your instructor, Rob Spence, is an internationally renowned sales trainer, and sales coach, and has authored three books on sales. He is the Managing Director of a multi-award-winning sales and marketing agency that provides sales services to businesses across the globe. Rob’s unique, dynamic, and engaging teaching style is guaranteed to not only help you to succeed in the world of sales but is also delivered in a memorable and motivating fashion.  

Using his decades of experience in sales, Rob will run through with you everything you need to know to become successful in sales!

This course covers modules, such as:

– Cold-calling techniques

– How to handle objections

– How to overcome sales call reluctance

– How to develop rapport over the phone

– How to get past the gatekeeper

– How to make follow up/Warm calls

– How to close sales

– How to set appointments

And much, much more!

If you are looking to see your sales skills increase and to see your ability to speak, and to sell over the phone, then this online sales training course is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their sales skills
  • Business owners, looking to grow and scale their business
  • Entrepreneurs looking to find more customers and to make more revenue
  • Sales professionals looking to exceed their sales targets
  • Sales managers looking to inspire their sales teams
  • Beginners, intermediates, and experts in sales looking for a fresh approach
  • Anyone looking to close more sales
  • Anyone looking to set more appointments
  • Anyone looking to become more confident with cold-calling

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