How To Rig A Character In Maya Autodesk

Udemy – How To Rig A Character In Maya Autodesk

How To Rig A Character In Maya Autodesk

Learn the basics of rigging a character in Maya Autodesk. Perfect for beginners.


What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to rig a character from scratch in Maya Autodesk
  • You will learn to set up a skeleton
  • You will learn how to create rig controllers
  • You will learn about constraints you can use in Maya.
  • You will learn how to paint skin weights


  • No experience in Maya is needed but recommended though.


I’m extremely excited to introduce this course. We are going to slay the program Maya from Autodesk and learn how to rig a character with a pipeline that’s tailored for VFX, animated films and games. I’m going to teach you my learnings from working in the industry for over a decade, on animated films, AAA games, and indie games, working on projects such as Vampires: The Masquerade, Men in Black, Disney’s Frozen, and many more. We are starting from the very beginning with the basics of rigging. I love creating content like this, and I’m very engaged in sharing my knowledge with newer generations of computer graphic artists.

We will do this in the absolute simplest and easiest way, so that everybody has a chance to learn it. I make my courses easy to digest with a passion for teaching at a very affordable price. You don’t need prior experience with Maya or scripting. It’s good to have a basic understanding of Maya, but not needed.

We will start by evaluating the mesh and making sure everything is proper for rigging. Then, we are going to create a skeleton for our character. Next, we will set up controllers to animate the spine, arms, legs, and head. In the end, we are going to look into binding our mesh to the skeleton, so the mesh moves with our animation. Finally, we will wrap it up by cleaning the scene. Along the way, we will dabble a bit with scripting, but it will be super easy, so don’t worry.

There is also bonus content in the course for more advanced people who wish to delve a bit deeper. We will look into how to set up an FK & IK switch, we are going to do a reverse foot setup as well, add twist bones for limbs, and I might add more on a request basis. You Can Learn More Udemy – Learn T-Shirt Design With Adobe Photoshop And Illustrator

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in Maya who aspires to work in the gaming, VFX or animation industry.

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