Building up a Multihomed Core ISP network using Juniper

Udemy – Building up a Multihomed Core ISP network using Juniper


A fully practical course showing how to configure a multihomed ISP core network using Juniper appliances. You Can Learn More Udemy – Cybersecurity Essentials – Stay Safe and Secure Online


What you’ll learn

  • Build a fully redundant ISP core with Juniper
  • Configure BGP routing protocol
  • Configure OSPF routing protocol
  • Configure AS PATH PREPEND attribute


  • Good knowledge with Juniper CLI, BGP and OSPF


Setting up and ISP core network is always a challenge for every ISP. However, if it is designed correctly for one time, then the ISP network would work smoothly forever.

One of the best product to use when running an ISP network is Juniper. As being a very solid product, Juniper is an appliance that it is always highly recommended for ISP core networks and data centers.

In this course, I will use Juniper MX OS to show you how it is possible to build up from scratch a fully redundant and resillient ISP core network.

I will be using advance routing protocols such as Border Gateway Protoco (BGP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) in order to build up my ISP core network. Additionally, I will have to configure the routers of the upstreams (in real life we do not do that) just because I will be doing a complete LAB and also you will learn how ISPs configure their upstream router.

By end of the course, you will have a fully redundant ISP network and you will have a full understanding of how you can configure your ISP core network yourself in your ISP.

I will be showing step by step how everything is being configure, and I will stop at every point and explain what I am doing.

If you wish to have a full understanding of how to set up an ISP core network using Juniper appliances, then this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers working in ISPs and using Juniper products

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