Practical Ubuntu Linux Server administration

Linux Ubuntu System Administration


Easy and to the point course to start your first steps with Linux and to boost your career and knowledge of Open source


What you’ll learn

  • Linux System administration
  • Linux installation
  • Linux command line
  • Linux permission management
  • Linux packages management
  • Linux Editors
  • VIM
  • Linux history
  • Linux distros


  • Basic Computer Knowledge


This course is designed carefully to be the perfect first footsteps with Linux system , to take you from a fresh knowledge of Linux to complete power managing the system and understanding each and every small detail running onto it .

Based on years of experience this course isn’t that boring structured scripted one, it’s going though a real journey into the system and error handling .

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners with Linux
  • Fresh Linux user
  • Computer science students
  • Computer engineering students

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