Filmmaking 101 - Get Started Here

Filmmaking 101 – Get Started Here.


Get the foundation basics of Film-making. Operating a camera to script writing and Color Grading.


What you’ll learn

  • Operate a DSLR and how a DSLR works
  • Basic Editorial – Editing
  • Basic Colour Grading
  • Basic Lighting Understanfing and setup
  • Visual Effects. When and when not to use
  • Script Writing


  • No Video or Photgraphy Skills required. A DSLR would be great. And some freee time to make your movie.


Movie Making can be a complicated. There are so many areas to learn. Even if you are only wanting to learn Visual effects, it will sharpen your skills to learn how to operate a camera or color grading. This course will give you the basic foundation to film making. Operating a DSLR camera – not just learning how to set your camera but also how a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera works. Cinematography – How import different angles are and also how important lighting is, and learning how different lighting setups help to get that Cinematic look. Color Grading – Grading your movie is what gives the professional edge. Learning what all the different graphs mean and as well as getting your movie looking great on screen. Visual Effects – Why to use, when to use and even a basic green screen tutorial. we EVEN LEARN HOW TO WRITE A GREAT SCRIPT – because writers block comes so easily especially when you are over-whelmed. We’ll Sasha-Lee teaches you how to start from the basic idea, breaking your complete script up into smaller scenes, get the basic idea’s then filling out those basic scenes. Should you get a writing partner? or what about getting a bunch of guys to geather to help you play around with idea’s ? She takes you through the writing process of a stage play she did as well as where  she learned to write… and then ofcourse your film needs to be exported. BUT before you export, what resolution did you edit in? and what about frame rate…. why is your film sounding like its dragging? Did you check your frame rate before you started? We cover all the elements to make you succesful and swetting the big stuff.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners Course.

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