Windows Servers Network and System Administration

Windows Servers Network and System Administration

Windows Servers Network and System Administration

LEARN ADVANCED NETWORKING WITH WINDOWS SERVER 2012, 2016,2019 AND 2022. IT IS EFFICIENT COURSE FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCE. You Can Learn WordPress 2023: The Complete WordPress Website Course

What you’ll learn

  • Active Directory Domain Controller, Users and Computer, Groups, Policies , Organization Units, DHCP ,DNS , Virtualization Using Hyper V |Windows server 2022
  • Hyper V and advance virtualization
  • DNS and DHCP
  • Active directory scops of DHCP
  • Hands on activities of Windows server older and new versions
  • comparison of new and older versions
  • System Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Client Server Environment


  • Basic Knowledge of Computer and IT skills required to enroll this Course


This course covers lots of topic related to windows server administration and advance networking including hyper V, DNS,DHCP  and active directory domain controller all the important topics, lab tasks.  Course covers techniques to manage your network: LAN, VLAN and the most important thing in this course is that ‘its covers depth of virtualization with practical example however there is no theory to read. The course is only designed for those; willing to practice and work on real environment.  As lots of material on internet based on the theory and not cover practical examples, especially for those bugs, errors that nobody would identify or solve. if you would this course you would be able to work practically or can able to crack the Microsoft certifications easily related to the windows server environment. You Can Learn Cloud Computing Essentials: Linode, Linux, and LAMP Stack

The course covers the comparison with the older and new versions of the Microsoft Windows Servers; from 2008 to 2022. Windows Server 2022 is similar to the 2016, and 2019 however in 2012 there are many technologies; have the same functionality. Microsoft Windows server certifications like MCSA , MCSE, hybrid Administration etc. demanding practical experience / knowledge to work on practical environment. Therefore, this course covers all of the requirements that need to certify for new beginner. With practical knowledge , the students, learners can easily avail the job related to the IT administration, Network administration or system administration in Windows server environment. After working to Virtualization, you can work easily on Azure environment that the cloud based environment to manage your resources online but it’s paid. I hope! you would enjoy the course contents after enrollment because it’s took years to design this course! There’s no course on this platform that covers all the versions of the Windows server environment but this course does cover so this course is designed for those; want to start or work from beginner to advance/extreme level of the Windows Server Environment. “A unique content is priceless”  Thanks

Who this course is for:

  • Information technology learners and researchers
  • Professionals
  • IT Administrator
  • IT Management in Compnay
  • System Analyst
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Security Professionals

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