VideoServerAPI without using a CMS.

VideoServerAPI without using a CMS.

PHP VideoServerAPI without using a CMS.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a simple video server using PHP
  • Modular PHP Development
  • Database development


  • No course requirments.


Create a video serve with PHP. You will learn how to do modular programming, create a database and tables, develop with classes, and functions. How to use select statements, create a login and registration form. Upload a video to a directory on the server and access the video via web page. We will not be using CSS, or JavaScript. That will be for another lesson that I have planned.

If you don’t have programming experience great, and if you do great. I know there are probably better ways to make this. However, I just want to give you all the same learning curve. I am assuming that you have no experience and try my best to make programming fun.

Programming can be fun if you let it. Don’t fight it too much usually the answer comes when you take a break. There is no rush for you, so take it nice and slow at your own pace. Passing on knowledge is the best thing that a master can do. Only then will the beginner turn into a master themselves, and more often than not suppresses their master that taught them.

Put your own spin on this if you already have experience with CSS, or JavaScript. This is for you to have fun with as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and advanced PHP developers.
  • Beginner module devlopment

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