Udemy - The Crypto Trading Technique

Udemy – The Crypto Trading Technique

The Crypto Trading Technique

Become a Do-It-Yourself Crypto Trader. This course covers step by step method to become a confident crypto trader.


What you’ll learn

  • Make an account on Crypto Exchange (Option of Testnet account for zero risk). An exchange that has zero down time and has the state of the art mobile app
  • Learn Technical Analysis. Learn to read the charts, price action, trend, resistance and support
  • Risk Management. Always be in control of your trade. Sleep peacefully, even when heavily invested in a trade. Maintain a risk: reward ratio of 1:2 and 1:3
  • Trade in USDT Perpetual and Inverse Perpetual simultaneously, so as to make profit in a bull market as well as in a bear market
  • By the end of 2 months, you will be confident of your trades


  • No prior trading experience required. Interest in chart reading will be highly helpful. Basic calculations like averages, ratio and percentages will be added advantage.
  • Discipline, time management, high emotional control against fear and greed


The course covers a technique, that has been developed for beginners, who are willing to spend 2-3 hrs per day for trading. The technique helps in planning the trade when the market moves in the expected direction and also when it moves in an unexpected direction.

The following topics will be covered

  • Intro to Bybit, crypto exchange
  • Make a testnet account
  • Spot Market
  • Derivatives Market
  • Open Long Position and Short Position
  • Identify the Trend
  • Price Action
  • Leverage
  • Isolated / Cross Mode
  • USDT Perp / Inverse Perp
  • How to use conditional order when the resistance/ support is broken

The basic premise of the technique is based on the following:-

You go LONG in one market and you go SHORT in another market, at a defined price difference. Now, there are only two possibilities, the price may go up or it may go down. That means you will make a profit in at least one trade. Now, by carefully planning the exit prices of the trades, you will be able to make a net profit. Or in other words, if you book a loss in one trade, it has to be less than the profit that you book in the winning trade.

At the end of the course, the students will be able to

  • Make a profit on a paper trading account
  • Have better control over their investments
  • Be more disciplined and have better time management skills while handling their investments
  • Have better control over their emotions while trading

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for 1st timers, students and working professionals who have a technical bent and want to earn money from crypto trading
  • Also, this is for traders, who have some experience, however, they are unable to make consistent profit

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