Problem Solving and Program Design in C Language

Udemy – Problem Solving and Program Design in C Language


C Programming and Problem Solving in C.

C language is fruit of the computer. This course helps you to collect your fruits for any career opportunities.


What you’ll learn

  • Understands the basics of C programming language.
  • Gains analytical thinking ability.
  • Improve his/her problem solving capacity.
  • Learns data types and how to manipulate them.
  • Using Input and Output functions efficiently.
  • Logical Operators
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • String Characters
  • Control Flow : If-Else statements – switch cases
  • Loops – while – for – do
  • A hundred example and FINAL PROJECT.


  • Enthusiasm
  • A computer


Are you looking for a solid start for programming ? Have you heard that “C Language is the best one to start with” ? You have heard it right. C Language is one of the best ways to start programming.

Even though, you are not a newbie, C programming is going to suit your resume pretty well.

C is the best choice because it will also allow you the master the fundamental mentality behind programming.

It is one of the most powerful programming languages out there and also called to be “the mother of programming languages”.

There is a reason for that!

By learning C, you will open the huge, rusty doors of C++, C# and JAVA.

Because C fundamentally teaches you behind the scenes.

By taking this course, you will be able to apply any elementary job relating to C Programming.

That’s not everything tho!

We are also taking a problem-solving approach to C. The best skill you can have when programming. Problem-Solvers tend to be better programmers at the end of the day.

We are aware of that skill!

That’s why we are more focused on giving you the ability to solve problems at any capacity. Once you become a good problem solver, it is more likely for you to become a good-programmer. learn more TryHackMe – Learn Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security with Fun Course 2022

The details are not skipped in this course.

You’ll develop your ability to produce good code and your problem-solving skills. This course provides all the information on “why” you are doing the things that you are doing in addition to teaching you how to write in the C programming language.

You will have a thorough understanding of the C programming language’s principles at the end of this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in problem solving.
  • Those who contemplate a career in electrical and computer science.
  • Those who are interested in gaining a fundamental in C Programming Language.

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