Learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals

Udemy – Learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals

Learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals

Build and manage scalable and highly available infrastructure in OCI


What you’ll learn

  • OCI concepts and terminology
  • Create and secure Virtual Cloud Networks
  • Deploy and access public and private compute instances
  • Add durable storage with OCI Block Volumes
  • Storage anything with elastic OCI Object Storage
  • Configure OCI Load Balancer as a Service
  • Identity and Access Management


  • Basic understanding of networking
  • Ability to remotely access compute instances using SSH
  • Ability to sign up for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account using a Credit Card or access to an existing Account.


Oracle Cloud for Infrastructure, one of the fastest growing enterprise-grade cloud providers in the Industry, and is THE leading cloud provider for companies who trust their data and workloads to run on Oracle Database.

No longer just a Database Company, Oracle has transformed into a true cloud-native open-standards leader.

This course teaches students about the core infrastructure services needed to run any workload in the cloud, including virtual networking, compute, storage, and security in the realm of OCI

In this course, students will sign up for an Oracle Cloud account and take advantage of the free trial period and credits. Students will obtain real-world hands-on experience provisioning virtual networks, compute instances, block and object storage buckets, and load balancers, all with a focus on security and building scalable environments.

OCI Free Tier and Credits

New customers to OCI can take advantage of free credits and a tier of infrastructure services that are always free, even after your trial period expires.

This course uses Always Free Tier services whenever possible to help students keep their OCI learning costs down.

In-Depth Lectures

Each lecture provides a detailed look at the core infrastructure services that matter most to users, including Compute, Storage, and Networking. You Can Learn Udemy – 15 Days of SQL The Complete SQL Masterclass 2023

Hands-On Exercises

Practical Guide to OCI provides students with a comprehensive lab guide that walks the student through each of the core OCI infrastructures. Students will learn how to create and manage OCI resources and implement security using a variety of OCI tools. You Can Learn Udemy – Internet and Cloud Computing Foundations

Who this course is for:

  • System Administrators, DevOps, Engineers, Developers

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