Build Your Wordpress Website With Divi

Udemy – Build Your WordPress Website With Divi

Build Your WordPress Website with Divi

A simple, easy step-by-step course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to purchase a domain and setup hosting to build a website
  • Learn how to setup WordPress, basic settings and install Divi theme and theme settings
  • Learn how to use Divi theme, build a website using a chosen theme and customize theme to content and website purpose
  • Learn how to update, manage and maintain website once it is built


  • This course is built for someone who has no skills or experience in tech or website building therefore the only requirement is patience 🙂


Using a decade of experience building WordPress websites and coaching entrepreneurs from start-ups to 6-7 figure business owners, I have created a step-by-step guided course to help anyone (tech savy or not) build a strategic, customized, efficient website.

This course is great for an entrepreneur who is starting a business, a creative who wants to highlight their work, a writer who needs a blog, or anyone who needs an online presence.

You will not only get detailed guidance that is easy to follow but also motivational and mindset support so you don’t get discouraged and make it to the finish line!

This course will allow you to create a website that you can continue to build on over time and guide you on how to update, manage and maintain your website over time. You can choose to start with a simple one page site or build several pages depending on your current needs.

Because WordPress is such a commonly used tool with website designers, you will easily be able to hand it over later in the future when your budget allows you to delegate the maintenance of your site.

No prior skills or knowledge is required to successfully complete this course. Just a wee bit of patience and belief in yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for non-tech savy entrepreneurs or creatives who need a website (simple of more robust – both options are available in the course)
  • Someone who wants to be autonomous in managing their own website in the future (this site can also easily be handed off to a web designer in the future as well)
  • Someone who needs a website and does not yet have the budget to hire a web designer (this course will allow you to build a beautiful, efficient, professional site on your own)

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