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How to sell on Amazon FBA, How to source products for Amazon, Tips to manage your Amazon inventory etc


What you’ll learn

  • How Amazon FBA works
  • How to sell on Amazon FBA: The basics
  • What to sell on Amazon
  • How to source products for FBA
  • How to list a product on Amazon FBA
  • How To Launch a product on Amazon
  • Advance sellers strategies to grow your business
  • Tips for running a successful Amazon FBA business
  • Tips to manage your Amazon inventory
  • Ways to promote your Amazon listings and sell more products


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In this modern time, the Amazon company has gain enough credibility in the retail market space because of their total commitment to the customer and they are always trying to bring new innovative things that will delight the customer. We all know that Fulfillment By Amazon is one of Amazon services that ensure that they provide storage. packaging, and shipping assistance to seller. This service is offered to sellers across the globe, and has given employment to a lot of people. This Fulfillment By Amazon program, give sellers more opportunities and flexibility in their selling practices, sellers are able to ship their products directly to Amazon warehouses across the world and when a customer buy some of the products, its the responsibility of Amazon to ship the product directly from the warehouse to the customers. Amazon take charge of the physical preparation, packaging and shipping of the product from Amazon warehouse to the customer, and also Amazon handles are challenges and issues concerning the products. Amazon also provide customer service. You Can Learn Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Foundation

The sellers have numerous benefits as they work with Amazon, in this critical times just by having Amazon name attached to your product that in it self is very big, because the Amazon brand is associated by quality and customers trust the brand because they know that when it comes to Amazon they will not cheat them or sell inferior products to them, Amazon even offer refund policy such that if you do not like the product or the product did not meet your expectation within thirty days you are entitled to a refund, without any deduction. Amazon can also ship products quickly whilst handling inventory that is being sold in different or multiple channels, and not only on Amazon platform.

There are some drawbacks to this Amazon program in that there are costly fees involved such as fulfillment and storage fees, sellers are also charge by Amazon on removal fees for products that have defects, damage and unsuitable products that the sellers ship to the Amazon warehouse centers that the customers who buy the product are able to find out.

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