The Python Mega Course Build 10 Real World Programs

The Python Mega Course Build 10 Real World Programs

The Python Mega Course Build 10 Real World Programs

Why did it take this course?

I always thought my first backend language was going to be Node.js but soon after I got my first job I realize it was going to be python, basically because that is what we use at work.

Python is very easy to read but you need to get your head around and understand how it works to be productive with it.

About the course

The Python Mega Course 2022: Build 10 Real-World Programs, is a beginner course but at the same time a course that anyone can take, regardless you are already proficient on python, because the projects are so good and you will for sure learn things did not know or get some nice tips.

Ardit Sulce is the creator of this course and he is a python programmer, teacher, and founder of PythonHow. Ardit has 6 courses in Udemy all about python with more than 370.000 students.

The course is dived into 39 sections, it was 340 lectures and a duration of 33 hours.

The Python Mega Cours start from the basics, so you can learn python from zero, after that the projects section start where you will continue learning python with 10 Real-World Programs.

The course is so great on many levels but one of the things that make it complete is that it was everything you expect from a good course, which are tutorials, projects, exercises, and a great A&Q section.

What you will learn

This is what you will learn during the course

  • Become a Python programmer by learning to build real-world apps in Python 3
  • Build desktop database apps, webcam motion detectors, data visualization dashboards, blog websites, web scrapers, and more
  • Practice the skills with hundreds of interactive Python exercises and projects
  • Build a personal website entirely in Python
  • Build a mobile app that improves your mood with positive quotes
  • Create a web app that processes Excel and CSV files
  • Build a book inventory GUI app with an SQL database backend
  • Create a webcam app that records video and detects moving objects
  • Create a web scraper that extracts real-estate data
  • Create a modern data visualization app
  • Build an app that sends automated emails
  • Interact with our Python online community and get help when you need it. You Can Learn


  • A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  • No prior knowledge of Python is required.
  • No previous programming experience is needed.

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