Social Media Automation using Python

Social Media Automation using Python


Practically automating WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube. 3 projects have been live coded and implemented.


What you’ll learn

  • • Learn about the basic of automation
  • • Learn about the WhatsApp automation using pywhatkit
  • • Learn about the email automation using smtplib
  • • Learn the basic of scheduling
  • • Learn about the YouTube automation using python-youtube
  • • Learn the Facebook automation using facebook-sdk
  • • And much more…


  • • No prior knowledge of automation. We will start from the basics and gradually build your knowledge in the subject
  • • A willingness to learn and practice
  • • Only basic Python is required


Comprehensive Course Description:

Have you ever thought of automating boring tasks?

Ever wondered? How can you schedule a task to be done by your computer by using python?

Have you ever wanted to build a bot that could send messages on WhatsApp for you whenever you want?

Do you want to get the stats of your Youtube channel in a CSV or any other format with just one click?

Do you want to post your stuff on Facebook automatically by using a few lines of code?

If Yes! Then this is the course you are looking for.

You might have searched for many relevant courses, but this course is different!

This course is a complete package for beginners to learn how to automate social media applications from scratch by using python. Every module has engaging content covering necessary theoretical concepts with a completely practical approach is used in along with brief theoretical concepts. At the end of almost every module, we assign you a quiz, the solution to the quiz is also available in the next video.

We will be starting with:

· the automation of WhatsApp in which we’ll discover how can we automatically send messages to individuals and into groups by using python.

· Then we’ll see how can we automate sending emails to anyone by using just a few lines of code.

· We’ll learn how can we schedule any task using Python which will ultimately help us out in implementing our different projects.

· We’ll also fetch and download different stats from the YouTube channel as CSV or any other file format.

· Finally, we’ll study and implement how we can automate posting the different types of content on our Facebook Pages. Not only Posting the content, but we’ll also see how we can delete the posts, how we can comment on a post, and much more.

We’ll learn all the basic and necessary concepts for automating our daily routine tasks for social media. Moreover, multiple detailed projects have been included in this course to develop a very useful experience for yourselves.

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience or even those who know nothing about Data Analysis, Data Manipulation, etc.

You won’t find a lot of courses on Udemy about this topic and those few courses that are available; This comprehensive course is comparable to other courses that usually cost thousands of dollars, but now you can learn all that information at a fraction of the cost in only one course! With over 3 hours plus of HD video lectures that are divided into many videos and detailed code notebooks for every address, this is one of the most comprehensive courses for Social Media Automation on Udemy!

Why Should You Enroll in This Course?

The course is crafted to help you understand not only the role and impact of social media automation in real-world applications but it provides a very unique hands-on experience in developing different real-time interesting projects. This straightforward learning by doing course will help you in mastering the concepts and methodology with regard to Python.

This course is:

· Easy to understand.

· Expressive and self-explanatory

· To the point

· Practical with live coding

· A complete package with multiple projects on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Gmail.

· Thorough, covering the most advanced and recently discovered libraries that help you automate social media which will ultimately help you do the tasks more accurately and quickly.

Teaching Is Our Passion:

We focus on creating online tutorials that encourage learning by doing. We aim to provide you with more than a superficial look at a practical approach to automating Social Media using Python. This course has overall around 4 projects and there is a project in almost every module that will help you to see for yourself via experimentation the practical implementation of Facebook, WhatsApp, and email automation. We have worked extra hard to ensure you understand the concepts clearly. We want you to have a sound understanding of the basics before you move onward to the more complex concepts. The course materials that make certain you accomplish all this include high-quality video content, course notes, meaningful course materials, handouts, and evaluation exercises. You can also get in touch with our friendly team in case of any queries.

Course Content:

We’ll teach you how to program with Python, and how to use deep learning concepts to develop recommender systems! Here are just a few of the topics that we will be learning:

1. Course Overview

2. WhatsApp Automation

▪ Introduction to WhatsApp Automation

▪ Introduction & Installing the Toolkit

▪ Scheduling & Sending a Message

▪ Closing the tab

▪ Sending Image to Contact

▪ Sending Messages to Group

▪ Sending Images to Group

▪ Some extra perks

3. Email Automation

▪ Introduction to smtplib

▪ Linking Gmail with SMTP

▪ Creating Email Body & Sending

▪ Attaching a File with an Email

4. Scheduling

▪ Introduction to Scheduling

▪ Installation & Importing

▪ Coding a Simple Scheduler

▪ Scheduling sending an email

5. Youtube Automation

▪ Introduction & Installations

▪ Creating an API key

▪ Fetching the channel information

▪ Fetching the playlist information

▪ Displaying data from playlists

▪ Fetching information on video

▪ Displaying the video data

▪ Project

6. Facebook Automation

▪ Introduction & Installation

▪ Creating Access Token

▪ Posting Hello World

▪ Posting Photo with Caption

▪ Commenting on a post

▪ Liking & Deleting the post

▪ Project

Enroll in the course and become an Automation expert today!

After completing this course successfully, you will be able to:

· Relate the concepts and theories for Automation

· Understand and implement Automation Packages and Libraries

Who this course is for:

· People who want to advance their skills in Automation

· People who want to master scheduling a tasks

· People who want to automate Emails

· People who want to automate the WhatsApp

· People who want to automate the Youtube Data

· People who want to automate the Facebook Posts

Who this course is for:

  • • People who want to advance their skills in Automation
  • • People who want to master in scheduling a tasks
  • • People who want to automate Emails
  • • People who want to automate the WhatsApp
  • • People who want to automate the Youtube Data
  • • People who want to automate the Facebook Posts

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