PTE Academic (English Test) - Mastering Listening -Score 79+

PTE Academic (English Test) – Mastering Listening -Score 79+

PTE Academic (English Test) – Mastering Listening -Score 79+

Everything you need to score PTE listening 90 – Question types, Examples, Mark savers, Mistakes to avoid, Tips, and more

What you’ll learn

  • NEW !! This course covers everything you need to score PTE Listening 79+ including: Question types, Rubrics, How to generate the answers, Tips and tricks, Common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, Emergency mark savers, Examples …


  • A device to play the videos on, and a will to practice what you learn from the course!
PTE Academic (English Test) - Mastering Listening



This course provides the knowledge you need to hit full score in listening module of PTE academic, when paired with your dedication to do so.

Starting with “Score Guide” and “Question Types”, we then proceed with main lectures covering all the listening question types that you will get at the test. 

For each and every question type we cover: how it is marked, timing, how to pick or write the answer, and common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid will be discussed, as well as practice tests to give you a better understanding of how it all works. 

There is an additional section at the end of each question type called “Emergency”, useful for saving marks when things do not go as expected at the test and you fail to apply what you have learned.

You will also get all the resources you need to study PTE listening. Learn More Microsoft Word By 10ms

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to pass PTE test for studying abroad, immigration, getting a job etc, And those who want to improve their English listening

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