Mobile Hacking: Reversing Android Application

Mobile Hacking: Reversing Android Application

Mobile Hacking: Reversing Android Application

Intro Course


What you’ll learn

  • Basic Android OS concept
  • Explorering Android APK
  • Android SMALI Code
  • Reversing APK [Static analysis]
  • Basic Android tools
  • APK Bypasses / Hacking
  • APK Patching


  • Very basic understanding in code or hacking


This course was created  to give you a simple access into the Android Reversing process world,
The course will give you the basic methods attackers and researches are using in order to get theirs goals.

When attacker or a security research required to break into an application,
it usually done in order to:
-understand the application inner process,
-understand / explorer the application code,
-intercept the application communication & network,
-and sometimes it to simply extract some secret application data.

The aim of this course is to cover the basic of Android Hacking / Reversing .
Android Hacking can be separated into 3 main parts-
Android OS, Android Application, Networking.

In This course we will be focusing on the processing of how to reverse the application,
,modifying the application code, bypassing basic application protection mechanism and more.

The course is divided into small parts in order to simplifying complex topics.
The course provides hands on experience and exercises that will lead you step by step
to the understanding of how to investigate hack the application so that it will effect
the application at the runtime execution.

-This course is not about “Penetration Android APK” but how to Reverse the APK.
-Neither professional programming experience nor assembly language knowledge are required for this course. You Can Learn Udemy – Python Ethical Hacking MASTERCLASS – Zero to Mastery

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with enough passion 🙂
  • Anyone who is interesting with Hacking / Reversing
  • General security students
  • Malware researchers
  • Penetration testers
  • Hackers or wanna be hackers

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