Laravel 9 Admin Panel - Learn Roles and Permissions

Laravel 9 Admin Panel – Learn Roles and Permissions

Laravel 9 Admin Panel – Learn Roles and Permissions

Laravel Roles and Permissions without Package. You can learn more Laravel Tutorial From Beginner To Expert Level

What you’ll learn

  • Create admin panel with Laravel
  • Learn roles and permissions without package
  • Learn how to use Policy with Laravel
  • Create a custom blade directive with Laravel
  • Create Laravel Policy and use permissions to authorize users


  • You need to know the basics of Laravel


This is the course to take if you want to learn how to add user roles, levels, permissions, and an admin dashboard to your app.

The method I teach in this course will work on any version of Laravel. So, not only will it work on Laravel 9.

Here we are going to create all the work from scratch so without package.

So tag along and let’s go for a nice ride!

In this course, you will learn how to create an admin panel with Laravel and Tailwind CSS. Learn how to create roles and permissions. Create Policy and make authorization. You are going to learn also how to create custom blade directives. We are going to create custom middleware for roles and protect routes. You can learn more Laravel RESTful APIs and Docker – A Practical Guide

Learn Laravel roles and permissions without packages. We are going to work also with Tailwind CSS and Alpinejs for designin the admin layout dashboard.

Create CRUD for Roles, Permissions.

Create Posts and also create the Post policy to authorize users based on user role permissions. The admin can assign roles to the user and also assign permissions to the role.

Learn Laravel 9 Roles and Permissions without package. Learn how to create admin panel in the easy way.

Who this course is for:

  • PHP Laravel developers

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