Google Cloud Architect Certification 2022

Google Cloud Architect Certification 2022

Google Cloud Architect Certification 2022

Certification as a Google Cloud Architect Rapidly goes over everything you need to know in a short amount of time.

What you’ll learn

Google Cloud Architect Certification 2022

  • Storage, compute (GCE), containers (GKE, GAE), and databases are all available with GCP.
  • Examples of security and networking technologies include VPC, CDN, Interconnect, DNS, and Security Center.
  • Learn how to utilize the terminal, command line, and APIs.
  • Enterprise Design, Logging, Monitoring, IAM, KMS, Security Center, StackDriver, Monitoring, Logging, Security and Management.
  • “LABS is an acronym for “Learn by Doing.” Practical experiments demonstrate how to get started with Google Cloud resources right now!


  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of IT infrastructure


This course will walk you through the process of becoming a Google Cloud (GCP) Certified Professional Architect!

  • You may go further into the topics covered by using links and references.
  • The importance of key issues is underlined and clarified.
  • You may improve your talents by doing practice activities.
  • You may prepare for your test by answering practice questions.
  • Concise lectures, lab demonstrations, and independent reading are all part of the mixed format.
  • Practice and individual study are the best ways to prepare for this certification. So that you can have the best chance of passing your certification exam on the first try, this course is only going to cover the most important things. You can also learn Web Design for Beginners: Responsive Website in HTML CSS

In order to help your company with its cloud architecture, you’ll need to become a “cloud architect.”

The essential aspects of the Google Cloud Certified-Professional Cloud Architect certification are covered in this course:

  • Examine the most important GCP services and resources.
  • On GCP, you can design and architect solutions.
  • GCP is a cloud computing platform that allows you to manage and supply solutions.
  • Manage Google Cloud architectural implementations. “
  • Analyze and improve technical and business processes.
  • Security and compliance design
  • Ascertain the solution’s and operations’ dependability.
  • Design, develop and manage your company’s cloud deployment.

Who this course is for:

  • Cloud Professionals are Architects, Developers, and Engineers who work in the cloud or plan to do so in the future.
  • Current Google Cloud Platform customers who want to learn everything there is to know about the platform.
  • Customers of Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure who wish to learn more about the Google Cloud Platform may do so here.

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