Firebase: Firebase for Android App Development using Kotlin

Firebase: Firebase for Android App Development using Kotlin

Firebase: Firebase for Android App Development using Kotlin

Firebase Android in details using Kotlin for android app development, mobile app development, flutter android developers

What you’ll learn

  • What is Firebase?
  • Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. It was originally an independent company founded in 2011.
  • Firebase is a Google-backed application development software that enables developers to develop iOS, Android and Web apps.
  • Firebase provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, creating marketing and product experiment.
  • Kotlin android is accepted by Google as the official language for Android development. Therefore, everyone who wants to be an android developer should know it
  • You will learn Firebase platform in detail by using the Kotlin programming language and Android Studio.
  • This course is built to help beginners to start making applications in firebase and android application development or android app design.
  • Kotlin is popular for both Android developers and Java developers
  • Firebase products
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Cloud Storage
  • Firebase-Android Studio Integration
  • Creating a new project in android studio
  • Push Notification with Firebase
  • Android Development with Firebase using Kotlin
  • Android Kotlin
  • Kotlin Android
  • Android App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Firebase Pricing Policy


  • This course is based on Kotlin programming language. If you have basic understanding on Kotlin programming then it will be a fun to learn Android application development.
  • Desire to learn about Firebase for Android App Development using Kotlin and Flutter programming languageuage
  • Basic information about Android Development, mobile app development
  • If you have basic Android and Kotlin knowledge and want to learn the advanced levels of Android, this course is for you
  • After completing this Firebase tutorial you will find yourself at an advanced level of expertise in Android Development with Firebase.
  • Basic understanding on Android Studio
  • Watching the Android course videos completely, to the end and in order.


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