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Docker Certified Associate (DCA): Certifications Course 2023


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Docker Certified Associate : Exam Practice Guide : 200 Unique Questions: Test your knowledge & passing your real Exam

Docker Certified Associate


If you are planning to take Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Exam and want to see what kind of questions are coming in the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) – Real Exam, these Docker Certified Associate (DCA) practice questions are the best for you.

Being Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certified means that you understand the cutting-edge fundamentals of computer hardware and software. Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Candidates support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. Jobs in IT are among the best paying in our time, and there are plenty available, with new ones being created every day. While landing a job depends on many factors, Docker Certified Associate (DCA) is a powerful and respected credential that employers trust and can get you hired for your first job in IT. Staying on your path, collecting experience, additional certifications and education, will give you the opportunity to thrive in your career and achieve your income goals.

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) is the best starting point for any career in IT it can help you get your first job in IT, and set you on a path to IT success.

I have prepared this practice test course for all those candidates who are planning of taking Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam in near future.

This practice test exams will give you full confidence to pass the main exam.

Exam Topics covered in Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification Exams skill questions:

  • Orchestration (25%)
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry (20%)
  • Installation and Configuration (15%)
  • Networking (15%)
  • Security (15%)
  • Storage and Volumes (10%)

Skill Measurement Exam Topics:

# Orchestration

Understand Docker Swarm Orchestration

Setup of a swarm mode cluster, with managers and worker nodes

Differences between running a container vs running a service

Lock a swarm cluster

Inspect docker and container using “docker inspect” commands

YAML compose file with “docker stack deploy”

Update/Change a running stack of service

Increase/Decrease # of replicas

Add networks, publish ports

Mount volumes

Differences and use-cases for replicated vs global service

Troubleshoot a service using logs

Applying node labels

Task placement using node labels

Using templates with docker service

# Image Creation, Management, and Registry

Describe Dockerfile options [add, copy, volumes, expose, entrypoint, etc)

Understand Dockerfile and create an efficient image

Use CLI commands such as list, delete, prune, rmi, etc to manage images

Inspect images and report specific attributes using filter and format

Tagging, Pushing, Signing, pulling, adding a file, Modify an image

Modify an image to a single layer

Configure and setup registry,

Display layers of a Docker image

Describe how image layers work

Login, Search, Delete image  in a registry

# Installation and Configuration (15% of exam)

Setup repo, storage driver, install and upgrade docker-engine in various platforms

Configure logging drivers (splunk, journald, etc)

Setup swarm, configure managers, add nodes, and setup backup schedule

Create and manage user and teams

Sizing requirements for production scenarios

Understand namespaces, cgroups, and configuration of certificates

Use certificate-based client-server authentication to ensure a Docker daemon has the rights to access images on a registry

Setup in AWS infrastructure along with HA config

Complete configuration of backups for UCP and DTR

Configure the Docker daemon to start on boot

# Networking

Create and setup a bridge network

Publish ports and identify ip to access the containers.

Explore and set up a different type of networks like bridge, host and null network

Describe the different types and use cases for the built-in network drivers

Introduction to DNS and using external DNS

Load balance traffic between containers

Communication between Docker engine, registry, and UCP controllers

Deploy service on a Docker overlay network

Describe the difference between “host” and “ingress” port publishing mode

# Domain 5: Security

Signing image

Enable Docker Content Trust

Configure (Role-Based Access Control) RBAC in UCP

Overview of Integration of UCP with LDAP/AD

Create, download and use UCP client bundles

Securing Docker swarm

Difference between UCP workers and managers

The process to use external certificates with UCP and DTR

# Domain 6: Storage and Volumes

Various graph driver and its usage

Configure device-mapper

Compare object storage to block storage, and explain which one is preferable when available

Different layers in a docker container and how volumes are used with docker for persistent storage

Cleanup unused images in filesystem and Registry

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Exam details: Number of Questions, Time, and language

  • Number of Questions: Maximum of 55 questions,
  • Type of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (single and multiple response), drag and drops and performance-based,
  • Length of Test: 50 Minutes. The exam is available in English languages.
  • Passing Score: 70 percent or higher
  • Languages : English at launch.
  • Schedule Exam : Pearson VUE

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam preparation course, you’ll be challenged with Docker Certified Associate (DCA) practice exam questions. These questions have been written to emulate the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam.

  • Orchestration: 40 questions across all exam domains (40 minutes)
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry: 40 questions across all exam domains (40 minutes)
  • Installation and Configuration: 40 questions across all exam domains (40 minutes)
  • Networking / Security: 40 questions across all exam domains (40 minutes)
  • Storage and Volumes: 40 questions across all exam domains (40 minutes)

Get Ready To Prepare Like You’ve Never Prepared Before

work smarter not harder. You are about to see a study guide that took hours of hard collection work, expert preparation, and constant feedback. That’s why we know this exam prep will help you get that high-score on your journey to certification. Our study guides are the real thing. Our study guides are so accurate.

Your Journey To Pass The Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

Perhaps this is your first step toward the certification, or perhaps you are coming back for another round. We hope that you feel this exam challenges you, teaches you, and prepares you to pass the Docker Certified Associate (DCA). If this is your first study guide, take a moment to relax. This could be the first step to a new high-paying job and an AMAZING career.

What Is The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Focused On?

The (DCA) or as it’s also known, the Docker Certified Associate, like all tests, there is a bit of freedom on Docker Certified Associates part to exam an array of subjects. That means knowing the majority of (DCA) content is required because they test randomly on the many subjects available. Be aware too that experience requirements often exist because they’ve observed the average person and what is required. You can always push past that to succeed with the (DCA) but it may take some extra work.

Why use our material?

Practicing for an exam like the (DCA) can be a full-time job. In fact some exams are actually paid for by work because they are so intensive. Certification is not simple and takes immense work. It takes time, practice, and the right focus. We understand that because we have been in this industry for years and working in space full of less savory test prep sources.

Why Should I Take This Course?

Technology is ranked as the #1 source of U.S. jobs. Are you looking to kick start your career, improve your existing IT skills, or increase your chances of getting that IT job? Did you know 96% of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment?*

Some jobs that use A+ certifications are Support Specialists (avg. $54,500/yr.), Field Service Technicians (avg. $46,000/yr.), and Desktop Support Analysts (avg. $60,000/yr.)**.

Not looking for a cert? Maybe you’re just interested in how to keep your home network router from constantly doing that annoying red-blink-light thing. Or be the family hero and set up that awesome smart thermostat you’ve had in your Amazon cart for a year! Or perhaps you want to learn how to get your iPhone to work so you don’t have to keep asking your friend’s brother’s aunt’s niece for help. Whatever your motivation, this course is perfect to help give you a robust IT foundational knowledge in a way that’s easy-to-understand. And, hopefully, you’ll have a few laughs with me along the way.

Our aim is to let you prepared for all the challenges that you going to face while taking Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

We here to help you preparing for your Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

Our Expert crack Exam each years and study questions before providing you, So that you can get the best of best exam course.

Features of Practice Tests:

  • For each question, detailed descriptions are also given.
  • Take your favorite cup of coffee or drink and test your skills Docker Certified Associate (DCA)
  • The test can be stopped and resumed at any time.
  • You can perform the exam as much as you like.
  • The progress bar at the top of the screen shows both your progress and your time. Don’t panic if you’re running out of time; you can still complete the test.
  • You can skip a question to come back to at the end of the exam.
  • Before submitting your test, you can also use “Mark for Review” to go back through any questions you’re not positive about.
  • Click the stop button to complete the exam and show the results immediately.
  • You can pause the test at any time and resume later.
  • You can retake the test as many times as you would like.
  • The progress bar at the top of the screen will show your progress as well as the time remaining in the test. If you run out of time, don’t worry; you will still be able to finish the test.
  • You can skip a question to come back to at the end of the exam.
  • You can also use “Mark for Review” to come back to questions you are unsure about before you submit your test.
  • If you want to finish the test and see your results immediately, press the stop button.

Who this course is for:

  • 200 unique simulator questions, based on Docker Certified Associate
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the Docker.
  • Basic to Advance Docker Step by Step.
  • You Will Be Able To Zero to Hero in Docker.
  • Practice test Questions on all important topics
  • Test your knowledge & passing your real Exam on your first attempt.
  • Improve your Docker skills by taking this course.
  • This practice test is being made for the ones who are seeking to appear for competitive technical related job fields.
  • This practice paper will help you to figure out your weak areas and you can work on it to upgrade your knowledge.
  • By taking this course, develop your Docker skills.
  • Become a 10x Problem Solver
  • Anyone who is preparing for the Docker Certified Associate Exam
  • Individuals who are preparing for Docker Certified Associate certification.
  • Those who just want to test their Docker skills and knowledge
  • Individuals who wants to have strong foundation in Dockers
  • professionals who want to upgrade their careers

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