Digital Journalism 101 - Get Published In Online Media

Digital Journalism 101: get published in online media

Digital Journalism 101: get published in online media

Essential writing skills for creative and professional writers.


What you’ll learn

  • Know how to pitch & publish to High Authority publications.


  • Basic English.


Getting published in a high authority publication can transform your career and massively boost your earnings. But with thousands of writers competing for the privilege, competition is fierce.

The Perfect Pitch is an easy to learn system for finding, formatting and pitching stories that will massively increase your chances of breaking into high-authority publications. You Can Learn Udemy – ChatGPT Profits – How To Use GPT To Make Money

This course will give you an insider look at how to pitch and publish at high authority level, from a 15 year veteran with bylines including The Guardian, BBC, Wired, Independent, Buzzfeed, Aeon and many more high authority publications.

  • What’s the REAL business of high authority publications? Knowing this changes everything.
  • Learn the 3 pillars of making the perfect pitch: Community, Story, and Angle.
  • Understand the key formats that high authority publications use to tell stories.
  • Mine online resources like Reddit to find killer angles.
  • Lever the power of social media to find editors and grow your network.
  • How to negotiate pay effectively, and turn a one-off gig into a long-term job.

Who this course is for:

  • Freelance journalists.
  • Experts and influencers.
  • Marketers.
  • Leaders.

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