Create video content for free - YouTube, Twitch, Facebook IG

Create video content for free – YouTube, Twitch, Facebook IG

Make extra income with video content creation online – this course will get you started!

What you’ll learn

  • How to live stream to the internet and create videos for free
  • Create videos for courses, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • How to add slides, countdown timers, music and images
  • How to connect equipment such as camera, microphones and lighting
  • Green screen and animation integration


  • Laptop/PC, internet and your own creativity to evolve and grow as a creator


Want to become a streamer on YouTube, Twitch of Facebook Gaming or create videos but have ZERO DOLLARS?

Perhaps you want to create videos for courses to make extra income

This is the course to get you started!


· The Free software we use for out YouTube, Twitch and Facebook streaming

· Record your videos with ease to edit later

· Use equipment that you most likely already own (or can get on a budget)

· Learn how to set it all up including your webcam, lights and microphone

· Sharing your screen to show others what your seeing – Or better yet let others watch you play video games 😀

· How to green screen and transition

· Add audios, logos and slides

· Add countdowns and images

· Stream to multiple platforms at once

· and more …

What you’ll learn

o How to live stream to the internet

o Full setup to get you started

o Where to get all the software for FREE – including the countdown

o Where to find free sources for images etc to get you started and without signing up!


  • PC or Latop
  • Internet connect
  • Notepad and a Pen to make Notes & Action Plans
  • Its not necessary to have the equipment we talk about such as microphones and webcams – you can upgrade these later on – Most laptops have a webcam already in built.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to live stream to facebook live, twitch or youtube
  • Brand advocates, interns, marketing department, social media guru entrepreneur, stay at home mum business, niche companies, ANYONE that wants to get video onto the internet

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