Create a freelancer clone app by learning Flutter 3 and Firebase

Create a freelancer clone app by learning Flutter 3 and Firebase

Create a freelancer clone app by learning Flutter 3 and Firebase

By training as a professional Flutter app developer, you can develop iOS and Android job-sharing and job-finder apps like UpWork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn.

What you’ll learn

Create a freelancer clone app by learning Flutter 3 and Firebase

  • Learn to build applications for job sharing and job searching.
  • Learn to develop using Flutter for iOS and Android.
  • Freelancers & Linkedin App Flutter clone: Expert App Development
  • Among other things, Firebase Cloud Storage makes use of FirebaseDatabase for Firebase Firestore.


  • You must have a working understanding of programming.
  • You must have a fundamental understanding of flutter.


This course will teach you how to use Flutter to build Firebase-powered job-sharing and job-finding applications that are similar to Freelancer and LinkedIn. This software will assist users in finding employment. Numerous jobs may be posted by various businesses. Users can also use this app to apply for these positions.

You can create and manage successful applications using Firebase. It is Google-backed and well-liked by developers. Using a backend infrastructure that is completely controlled will accelerate app development. Find out more now. releases with assurance Watch the app’s efficiency. In order to hasten development,

Firebase Cloud Firestore is a scalable, adaptable database from Firebase and Google Cloud for server, browser, and mobile applications. You may query and organize the data however you wish. We create exceptional applications for websites or mobile applications. App Engagement Has Increased: Support from Google

The design of Firebase Cloud Storage takes into account mobile connections. As your app loses and regains connection, it automatically halts and restarts transfers. Make your app unique. offering almost 15 goods and services. solutions that span platforms We create exceptional applications.

A worldwide online marketplace for independent contractors is called Fiverr or Freelancer. The platform of Fiverr links freelancers with individuals or companies wanting to employ them. Businesses and freelancers providing digital services in more than 500 categories may connect via Fiverr or Freelancer. dream but also take action. Freelance More than 100,000 vendors-protected payments. 24/7 Assistance. Excellent Work. You Can Learn More The Complete Android 11 Developer Course: Build AMAZING apps

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wishes to build Flutter apps professionally should.
  • Making fully working Android and iOS applications is something that anybody can learn to do.

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