Computer Repairing: Learn how to program the BIOS chip

Computer Repairing: Learn how to program the BIOS chip

Computer Repairing: Learn how to program the BIOS chip

A laptop repair class, computer hardware and software, firmware, motherboard repair, BIOS, UEFI, mini pro programmer, IT, PC, and more are all covered in this class.

What you’ll learn

Computer Repairing: Learn how to program the BIOS chip

  • People often ask: What are the “BIOS?” Then how does it work?
  • How to write to the BIOS chip from A to Z:
  • How to pick a good programmer
  • What is the Firmware and where can we get it?
  • What are the problems that need to be fixed with the BIOS chip?
  • You need to know how to flash the Basic Input Output System BIOS; what that is.
  • My EXE file is now a BIN file.
  • Diagram of the circuits and pins of the BIOS;
  • What are the best and cheapest programmers, as well as many other things?


  • People who know the basics of computer hardware and software will need to take this course.


Why should you take this course?

  1. The course will show you how to change the BIOS chip.
  2. The course was made with great care by a computer engineer.
  3. So you can finish the course quickly;
  4. All of your questions will be answered in a short amount of time with a full explanation of any question you may have.
  5. A certificate will be given to you when you finish the course;
  6. To flash or program BIOS chips, you’re going to learn about everything you need to know.
  7. You’re going to learn how the BIOS works.
  8. When you read this text, you will learn how to check the BIOS with a multimeter.
  9. I’m going to show you how to get any firmware you want.
  10. It doesn’t end there. You’ll also learn about problems that need BIOS programming.
  11. When you read this text, you will learn about the Basic Input Output System schematic and pin layout.
  12. I’ll show you how to figure out the size of any BIOS chip.
  13. The BIOS programmer is something you can buy if you don’t already have one. I’ll show you where to get one and more. You Can Learn Computer Network: Internet Protocol, IPv4 and Subnetting 1

We’re going to talk about a lot of different things in this class:

  • What the BIOS is about
  • Basic Input Output System, or BIOS: A look at the basics.
  • Understanding the size and references of the BIOS chip
  • Pins and circuit diagrams for the BIOS
  • The BIOS doesn’t work.
  • A BIOS Programmer; This is what they do.
  • What you’ll need to do this:
  • BIOS Software Minipro is being studied.
  • How to do this step by step:
  • Learn how to get the firmware and how to change the Exe file to a Bin file;
  • How do I get the BIOS datasheet?
  • To show you how to use a Multimeter in the right way.

If you want to become a hardware expert and have a good understanding of motherboard repair, I’m also going to show you many tips and tricks that will make you a pro.

Throughout this course, I will be your guide. I will explain things to you in a way that is simple.

In this class, you can learn about one of the things we talked about before.

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanics and students who study hardware and software. People who want to learn how to fix laptops and improve their skills.

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