Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Foundation

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Foundation


How to launch your book on Amazon KDP. How to promote your kindle book, How to develop good writing plan etc


What you’ll learn

  • Learn Why publish on Amazon
  • How to succeed at Amazon self-publishing
  • The top five tips to a successful book launch on Amazon KDP
  • How to promote your kindle book on Amazon
  • Steps to making a living as a self-publishing fiction author on Amazon
  • How to use Amazon to make your book best-seller without publisher
  • How to become a publish author
  • How to develop good writing plan
  • Amazon advertising tips that are borderline magic


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The revolution of the internet is beyond comprehension, previously it was very difficult to publish a book, even the most knowledgeable writers was begging for publisher to publish their books for them, now the table has turn in favor of all, Amazon kindle direct publishing (KDP) has given effective and creative meaning with the use internet  to help thousand if not millions of people globally to publish their eBooks freely on the world most creative website. Now authors can self-publish a book with the click of the button, Amazon kindle direct publishing has made this process so ease and more accessible. Now Amazon kindle direct publishing has more than 85% of the eBook publishing market. We must understand that yes you can publish on the website but there is more work to be done when any one want to succeed as a publisher, Rome was not build in a day so we all must be mindful that you need time and money to ensure that your sales will grow well on the publishing industry, because competition is very keen so it means you cannot write any book online and expect people to buy it, that will not work, quality is the standard of the game and total commitment. Learn more Udemy – Amazon Fba Foundation

Resources also need to be invested in the publishing business by doing advertisement on very important platforms and being there for the customers answering customers enquirers and being there for the customers all the time. Please watch carefully about your reviews when you want to stay in this business for a very long time. The more customers see a positive reviews the more they are interest in checking your book and also enroll to buy one of your books, in this case all your attention should be centered on customer satisfaction and quality delivery of your services.

The royalty rate for Amazon eBook is 35% or 70% depending on which royalty rate is eligible, l must also say that in this online business the more people buy your products or services the more you will get a lot of money so this requires hard work and total commitment to succeed in this online business, this is not get rich quick, it need hard work and patience. l must also say that Amazon also do promotions for their authors

Who this course is for:

  • Authors, publishers, customers, bloggers, online workers, writers, education institutions, managers, consultants, media people, journalist, fiction writers, online writers, home business owners, self employed, instructors, everybody etc

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