T-Shirt Template Collections

100+ T-Shirt Template Collections For Photoshop

100+ T-Shirt Template Collections For Photoshop

So, are you looking for a T-shirt template? We’ve got you covered. This article features only the best T-Shirt templates: vector, white, black, most of them in PSD, but we also have a few Adobe Illustrator t-shirt template examples. You Can Learn LIGHTROOM PRESETS Free Download

In the past years, the requests for T-Shirt designs have increased tenfold and this could only be a good thing for designers… if you had the proper materials to present your work to your clients.

While some clients prefer having the designs presented in a photo-realistic mockup, there are others who still like the vector mockups. This is the reason why I decided to add both vector and photo-realistic mockups to this article.

Say goodbye to cheap t-shirts, now you are your own t-shirt maker. With these blank t-shirt design templates, you can see how your vector designs would look on your future t-shirts and you can start being creative in Illustrator or Photoshop, mixing with colors and shapes, maybe with some typography, and creating that custom clothing you’ve always wanted. All that’s left is to take that shirt to print and voila! Job d.

The first ones in this article are not vector T-Shirts, but they are pretty useful.

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